The veil

shaman (Small)Today begins the Balsamic Moon phase, the time of the month when the veils between the worlds are thinnest. It’s a magical time, a time of release of what has burdened or not worked out for us over the month, and a time for preparing the ground for a new beginning. “Inspiration” continues to quietly whisper to us today, but in order to hear it, our minds must be quieter than they have been. In order to quiet the mind right now, it will help to let go of the focus being on yourself and put the focus on others. The way this will work best is to do this from your inner self. This means that our locus of control still radiates from the inside, but we target our attention on others. You never want to leave your center; you always want to keep your attention located inside yourself but today we are going to aim it outward so that it can connect with others of like mind. You may not be around anyone you would consider of like mind, but the connection is there based on the frequency with which you resonate. You belong to a specific band of frequency! Today the band of wise owls comes together in service of others. We will perform random acts of kindness, help those in need, teach what we know, and foster those who are younger. It’s not about us today; it’s about mixing colors with others. The goddess energy is strong today and is speaking to us from a high level. It’s a quiet voice that is heard when we quiet ourselves within.
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