How it works !

shaman (Small)All information exists somewhere within our grasp. If we could just
let go we could have the answers to the questions that trouble us in
this life.

Letting go is not easy for most of us, as we tend to rely on the mind
to keep us safe within the confines of our belief structure. Sometimes we just need to “let go of what we know”.

There are a number of ways to access information just as there are
various types of search engines available for your computer.

My speciality has been the process called shamanic journey work. In this method the practicioner travels into other realms with the aid
of a spirit (power) animal with the intention of contacting guides,
non-incarnate souls, or spirits who provide them with pertinate information around a specific issue.

I never journey for someone who wishes to get information that will not be used for the good of all concerned.

And i never bother someone in the spirit world just for the sake of doing it, just as we don’t walk into other peoples houses uninvited.

Sometimes there are things “in play” in peoples lives that they are not
ready to hear and this can cause the reading to be unclear or perhaps
shrouded in symbolism. I can only relay the message for someone as it is presented to me from the other side. It is up to the recipient to make sense of what comes forth in the journey. The information comes to me much like i am watching a movie. Scenes change and shift just like in a film. This is how it works for me. Others may experience the process differently.

If you would like me to journey for you i need a clear question regarding the issue. I need your name and your age is helpful. Or if the question pertains to a loved on who has passed on i also need
their name and age.

I am also available for a free consultation at : 505 412 1044 or you may contact me via email @ If you would like to learn to do this i can teach you also, just contact me, i would be honored to help you learn this age old technique.

Readings are on a by donation basis, with a minimum donation of $50.00 to cover the costs of existing on this plane …… This does not compensate me for my time. Some journeys can take several hours with consultation and phone follow-up, then documenting and writing up the results for the client.  Most days i can only do one journey, as all this takes time and energy.  So there needs to be a fair exchange.  Thank you for understanding this.

With wishes of magical blessings for you, Crazywolf


2 Responses to How it works !

  1. zengaian says:

    I would like to let it be known that Crazywolf took a shamanic journey for me to “check in” on a loved one that has passed over.

    Crazywolf returned from his journey with information that he did not have, and could not have known, beforehand. Crazywolf’s information was spot on, and I am forever grateful to him for taking this journey for me.

    Blessings and Namaste,


  2. I highly recommend shamanic journeying to anyone whose path is blocked to spiritual growth and enlightenment. One never knows who or what you will encounter when traversing other realms with a shaman!

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