The life review

lightWe have all heard stories about the light we go into
when we leave this earthly existence. In my years of journeying i have only seen that place a handful of times. Maybe it is because the person i was viewing on the other side had been reintegrated into
the higher realms and had gained their footing there.

When my mother-in-law passed a few years back, my wife was still grieving and ask me to do a journey to find out if she had made the transition.

When i got to see her, i found her kind of sequestered in a cloud like setting with lots of white and pastel oranges and pinks. She was sitting on a huge cushion that was soft and fluffy just like you would imagine and hope for.

She was viewing a large ancient looking book she had on a small pedestal beside her. The page she had it opened to was animated like a movie. What she was seeing had her excited and she was laughing and having a good time.

I noticed she appeared a lot younger than her age at the time of her death which was 88. When i thought this she heard my thought and stood up and started dancing and throwing her legs up in the air like a can-can dancer. She said, ” look what i can do. tell Lissa
i can do this”

It turned out to be a confirmation for my wife, because unbeknownst to me her mother and her would go to Carnegie Hall to see the Rockettes when my wife was a child. The dance team was famous for
their can-can dancing. She was saying this is me by sharing that old memory only they shared.

My wife was releaved that her life review was going well. She knows to trust God in these things but sometimes we just worry about our loved ones who have passed on.

Please feel free to comment on this or any other of my blogs.

Blessings as always, Crazywolf


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One Response to The life review

  1. I have also found in my travels that souls in the spirit world appear younger. Interesting site, enjoyed reading your posts.

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