Energy repout February 8 2019. By Georgi Stankov

Urgent Energy Report – February 8, 2019
by GEORGI STANKOV posted on FEBRUARY 8, 2019

Georgi Stankov, February 8, 2019

In the last 24 hours Gaia and humanity were hit by a massive energetic blast from the Central Sun which I personally experienced as the obligatory cc-wave with an excruciating headache right, in the eye socket, stomach pain, joint pain all over, and muscle rigidity. Carla was at the hairdresser at that time and almost fainted on the chair. There was also massive cleansing of all despicable human traits and dark energetic patterns and the political scene in the last two days displays a vast panopticum of all the dark sides humanity has harboured for eons of time and only now can no longer hide behind duplicity and treachery.

As I also experienced a pronounced state of fever, although my body is now fully crystalline and can no longer have elevated temperature, I knew that we have another massive coronal hole and checked at The sun looks like a sieve and the coronal hole encompasses practically the entire disc portal of the new red giant sun:

Please, do not be dissuaded by the announcement that the sun flares will reach earth tomorrow. The energies of the Central Sun are not limited to the speed of light but traverse space immediately.

I wrote a few days ago that we are now in the most intense phase of the ascension process – from February 1st to February 19th – when there is a 9D portal open that is very conducive for your personal ascension, raising your frequencies to 5D and higher and completing your crystalline light body. Essentially I opened this portal with my successful ascension to 9D on January 12 through my expanded protuberance field.

As is the case when such massive energetic events happen, they are announced in great synchronicity by a few sources that I have checked and found to be credible and clear. First Jennifer Farley published on Feb 6th that there is a monster wave / shift coming:

“Your Earth is standing on the starting line of yet another huge energy shift. There have been so many recently that it may feel as if nothing big is about to begin but, oh, there is! (Smiling) In preparation for the next upgrade, it is important that you create a quiet space in which to retreat when you feel things are becoming ‘too much’. Whether it is in your home or among friends, the solace it will offer will be of great assistance.”

Creators Writings

This announcement was confirmed yesterday one more time by the same source which announced the beginning of the wave that will cause a massive shift. It coincided exactly with the onset of my cc-wave yesterday morning:

“Those that awakened early felt the very beginning of the incoming shift. This is one of the joys of a higher vibrational energy! (Smiling) As you move through the next few days, take care and treat yourself lovingly, much information will be needing integration.”

Creators Writings

The need for rest and drinking a lot of water is stressed. And today the Arcturians announce through Scranton what I already knew yesterday: “There has been a spike in the amount of (electro)magnetic energy that the sun has been giving off, and that spike has an effect on your energy fields.”

The new red giant sun we have since last year is a very powerful portal through which the Central Sun or the Source is sending energies to Gaia and humanity. As I am the first one to receive and distribute these energies as the nexus to the Source, I am getting these waves and shifts first, but then I am hit so hard that I have no power and no desire to write an energy report and publish it. My headache lasted till this morning and is vanished now. It is amazing how our organisms can recover so quickly from this energy onslaught.

Altogether the current energetic picture seems to confirm everything we have been expecting for this month so far. Therefore stay attuned as there is much more to come:

“You are in a golden age right now, and it is a very important time for all of you there on Earth. So please do not underestimate how easily the tides can turn for all of you as individuals and as a collective. We expect to see a tremendous leap forward in the evolution of your consciousness in the coming weeks.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Holding on to nirvana

IMG_1035If you are fortunate you have had the indescribable experience that is called Nirvana. And I don’t mean the band.

The nirvana I am talking about is a pure clear state of abject bliss. It is a state of grace that is better than any drug or alcohol distortion.  I believe I visited this quality high frequency state often in childhood . At the time I had no label for this blissful place of heart and mind.

I was fortunate to have a relatively benign existence growing up in the Bible Belt in the 60s. My friends and I experimented with psychotropic plants and LSD when it was first becoming available.
By the early 70s I had moved on and gave up on drugs and alcohol in favor of TM (transcendental meditation)  as taught by Maharishi Mehesh Yogi. In the summer of 1971 I had hitchhiked to Northern California with very little money and even less fear and joined the Maharishi at Humbolt State College in Arcadia, Ca. For a three week retreat and teacher training event.
Earlier that year I had paid fifty dollars to be initiated in the practice of TM and received a mantra. The WOW-experience I had in my first meditation (initiation) is now an illusive high water mark, one that I would measure the rest of my meditation sessions against for many years to a come.
This was all brand new stuff and there was a powerful sense of hope and love that spread thick across the dry crust of mundane life. The world was a-supremely wonder-filled place to be.
Northern California on the coast in August was as close to heaven as one could find anywhere, save for the mosquitoes now the size of small birds. I remember a cartoon I had drawn in my journal. It was two thug like mosquitoes sitting on a tree limb looking down at a passing hiker. The bubble caption read, “shall we eat him here or take him back to the nest”.

The Maharishi was adorable. There were almost 500 would be gurus who, myself included, flocked around him twice a day to hear him speak. When he talked he could go on and on about everything and nothing at the same time. We were all spell-bound. One of the first things he taught us was a set of Yoga asanas which we would be doing in conjunction with the Standard 20 minute meditation . The daily schedule began with waking early am and then a short meditation  followed by a 20 minute round of Yoga asaanas that were to be performed in a precise sequence.

Then we gathered at 7am for breakfast, next the Guru spoke for an hour. Lunch was timed to be at high noon.
In the late afternoon we did a round of meditation and hatha yoga and then, there was a 6pm evening meal followed by a presentation by Maharishi which
Included questions from the audience that could go on into the night or until he decided to stop.
Each day we added another “round”. (20 minutes TM, 20 minutes yoga asanas) to our schedule . By the 3rd week we were “rounding”, all day and all night, with only breaks for meals ,and short meetings as a group with the Maharishi. No sleeping was allowed.

In that last week there was a tremendous amount of emotional release going on in the group. People were losing it all over the place. Maharishi would just laugh and say “you are merely unstressing”.  Or his favorite saying at the time “water the root and enjoy the fruit”.

A lot of people could not handle the effect that the rounding had on them and they packed up and left. Myself and about 100 others made it to the end of the course. 400 decided to leave early in all sorts of physical, mental and emotional distress.
On the last day I was walking on the grounds of the campus at Humbolt. I was in such an elevated state of being that when I looked at a bush or plant I would see the energy of the plant as if it were composed of tiny specks of light. I imagined I was seeing the molecular makeup of everything and in addition Everything had a colored haze surrounding it. I later learned this was called auras. This was way better than acid or mescaline …it was several decades before i learned that DMT is produced by the brain.)
The intensity of this state of mind began to subside and I set off hitchhiking home. I gradually settled into a very peaceful place of being. I got a ride out of Arcada almost immediately and ended up sometime later in San Francisco. I have very little recollection of that day, I do remember, however seeing
Richard Bratigan (a hip writer from the peace/love movement, now rather obscure ) some where on a street in the Haight ,talking to a hippie chick ( no offense intended..chick was quite acceptable in those days ) . ..before long I got a ride with some fellow travelers who were headed to Houston in an old dodge van. There must have been 10 of us jammed  in this traveling den of inequity, I tried to sleep on the old surplus army sleeping bag I acquired after traveling west with out one. The droning sound of the van’s chassis reflecting off the pavement below finally lulled me to sleep in a pile of six or more bodies . when I awoke it was dark and my left ear was pressed against two very large mamary glands . I had no idea who they belonged to but this was right in keeping with my blissful state. From my prostrated vantage point on the floor of the van I could make out a distorted image of the driver as he started to apply the brakes and gingerly swing the steering wheel to the left and into a parking lot of a well lighted service station.  Everyone piled out of the sweaty van. There was a ime when very few cars had air conditioners.

” Where are we “. i quizzed the guy who had been the driver since San Francisco.

“This is Las Cruces, New Mexico,” were you going to get out here” he stumbled over and gave the girl who had been my pillow for what must have been the last 10 hours a Limp embrace.

He took a deep sigh and made an exaggerated sweeping gesture,, as if to say I needed to go over the bridge embankment to get to the on ramp for I25.  It was early morning but still dark. I sat down on the bridge abutment. And waited for a ride toward Denver. No one was up at this obscene hour , so I started reading the messages  other hitchhikers  had left on the concrete columns. Several said something like “been here for 38 hours, no ride “.

I went back to my spot by the bridge abutment and plunked down and decided to meditate.  I got into a peaceful groove (language of the zeitgeist). After about  10 minutes I heard a very faint rustling and sensed a presence in of some sort right next to me. Hell, it was right in front of me. I very slowly raised my eye lids so I could see. My heart skipped a beat. But I managed to remain still.  Through the slits of my eyelids I could make out at first a furry face with large curious eyes.  Trying to not panic here I open my eyes just a little more. There was a kit fox standing no less than 3 feet from me staring straight at me. What to do?

As my meditation was now officially over, my mind felt free to race around like a headless chicken. . Gradually I opened my eyes and the fox just stood there . Our gazes locked in an eternal moment. Mexican stand off. This was very intense. And then it happened. All the world stopped and I melted into the essence of this strange creature. I felt him/her so profoundly that I was him/her. This must have all happened in a few seconds but it registered on my soul as an eternity. There was no more fear, whatever happened in that encounter was beyond my ability to describe. The Fox broke the spell by shifting it’s weight on it’s feet and then slowly turned and walked away..  I somehow managed to remain motionless until it had retreated into the dark night. That encounter was so magical and so sublime, that it changed something deep inside me forever.

The early morning light was awakening the earth and I decided to pick up my things and move on up the road to the next freeway exit. A sign up ahead said it was out1.5 miles. By the time I reached the next access, it was fully light out.  There was someone else already there and he was standing with his thumb out. We were still exchanging niceities when a Green Ford Galaxy pulled up and 2  men got out of the car and ask us if ether of us could drive.

The other guy who turned ou to be 17 years old enthusiastically volunteered and slid into the cockpit of the Galaxy. The two older men climbed into the back seat and somehow managed to fall asleep.  We were cruising about 70 mph , i was riding shot gun. We were not on the road more than fifteen minutes when I noticed a car up ahead driving on the right shoulder. I glanced  over at the  kid driving. He saw the other vehicle and moved into the left lane to allow the other car space to get back on the road. Suddenly the driver of the car swung a hard left right in front of us. The older lady driving the car was planning on crossing the median in search of nice rocks . We were barreling down on them and there was not enough time to avoid a collision. The Galaxy plowed into the left rear tail section or the offending vehicle. The impact spun the car around and it crashed into the median. We left the highway on the right  shoulder, crossed a bar ditch and came to an abrupt stop in a tangle of dry dirt and barbed wire. My forehead slammed into the windshield and broke the glass. I immediately got out of the car to see if I was still alive.  A little stunned, I determined I could think. The next span of time was chaotic. No one had died but everyone but myself was complaining of some sort of injury. The highway patrol arrived, and then ambulances  and on lookers. An EMT came over to check on me. I said I thought I was fine. I refused to be taken to a hospital.

The next thing I knew everyone had left…. I was standing on the side of the road alone. The hot New Mexico sun bearing down me. My sense of peace and tranquillity, my hard fought for and won Nirvana–gone.

Stay tuned for part 2


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Energy sickness

I awoke at 3am this morning November 25th at precisely 3 am. I felt in full blown panic mode, there was a deep ache in my liver area. The liver meridian is most active at between one and three am according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Since about October 10 th I have been severely anxious and have had a lot of body pains. More than the usual. So I have learned to check the activity of the Sun. See space and surely I usually find an indicator present in solar wind speed, solar eruptions, or sometimes a full moon.

What is going on is the photon light energy ( science has determined we are passing thru a photon belt) and this event is creating a massive purging and cleansing on the  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Light workers ,empaths and those who have been on a spiritual path are feeling this intensely. The symptoms of these energy bombardments are quite numerous and vary from person to person depending on what is coming up to be cleared and healed.

Naseau, flu like symptoms, body aches and weird pains are common. Headaches, tiredness,sleep disturbances, dizzyness, digestive issues, and other symptoms, emotional outbursts and lack of mental clarity are also being experienced by large numbers of people.

For many of us this is not new and is just another round. During an intense phase such as the one we are in now ,it is best to rest as much as possible and drink lots of water to flush out toxic debris from chemicals and emotions .

Be safe, and stay in  The heart space. Much love




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The halls of Amenti


I  had a vision that the world we live in is a projection of Souls. The Soul is able to materialize itself through varying  forms, add thot forms to that list .  What i saw is very hard to describe.. I  can only relate it to  what Thoth  refers to  in the Emeral tablet as the halls of Amenti.  All matter , Time and space  exists as a hologram. This  contains all  past and potential events funneled  down from source .. All that has ever happened or will happen is present and encapsulated Beyond what we are accustomed to thinking of as Space and time..A huge  Library if you will.. Accessible only thru will coupled  with intuition.  This is what some refer to as  the Akashic  Records.

Further  more I was shown that matter is a pure mental phenomenon, and  not the other woay around like science assumes. I saw in less than a second what felt like eternity.   Corredors of endless events no matter how seemingly trivial  all  coalessing in  A  framework that is the All.

The material world is just a projection of the highest Truth down to the lowest manifestation, where it becomes a tangible hologram – matter.   Which is just a dream     You’re basically  moving and living in an illusion.

Matter is the result of Minds. And that might be very hard to understand.  If a tree falls in the forest.”..”….”.”….etc…..”. Everything seems to be on its proper place and is  certainly tangible, isn’t it? So,  then how can it be an illusion?

Black Elk , the great seer of the Sioux nation talks about his  Instant knowing,  when he stood on  a hill  watching that long battle below.

“I knew that the real was yonder and that the darkened dream of it was here.”
― Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux .

We are taught from birth to trust in our senses, and are conditioned to think in terms of matter over mind. We learn that our physical brains produce all the thoughts. At school we are trained to rely on our senses as organs of truth. We learn to interact with the world through our senses. Because we are so conditioned in this manner , we are unable to SEE the Universal Secrets and truths of our being.

When we rely solely on our senses, we are not capable of seeing the truth.What our senses perceive is converted into signals, that is interpreted by our brain, as to be real. But there is no way to verify that what we perceive is actual the ‘truth’, other than the material representation. We lack organs of truth. The ultimate truth is only mentally conceivable, and only by  embracing  this mathematical based reality intuitively can we ever know Any thing at ALL.


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.The 144,000


I  am  aware of what is said in the book of revelations regarding 144,000 supposed chosen  souls .  Does anyone out there have any further information  or personal experience to share in this blog, that is not taken directly from the Bible or is someone’s interpretation  there of .?.

” In 1995 I was invited to go to a channeling. A Friend of mine  wanted to hear  a woman from Sedona  Channel The Archangel Michael.  As far as I was concerned The jury was still out as to the  credibility of this type  process. I was very skeptical.

When this woman came out and stood in front of the podium,  The 100 .or so  New Age types who filled out the audience fell silent.  She did a very brief introduction herself  and then  said she would turn the talking over to  archangel Michael.

I was surprised when the voice that came through her  sounded like a really  ancient being.  A voice like no other I have ever heard before.    This was the English language  but in some long  forgotten dialect.

I have a no memory of  what he  spoke about until  he made reference to his band 144,000  Warriors of light,

Warriors for the Earth Who have been here since the beginning and will be here until the end. Then he said,and there is one of them here tonight and pointed to someone in the back of the room.

I turned around to see who he was pointing at. I Remembered I was in the back row so I could skate this fiasco if it turned  into one.  Then he said for all to hear and much to my chagrin,”no you with the thing on your  upper lip .”

Back then I had a large  black mustache  and looked like some crazy bandito. Certainly not a Warrior of light …..of course everyone turns to see who he was pointing to. I about shit my pants.   He continued to call me out  and I remember what he said but I can’t repeated it,  for it is too unlike my own self image.

it is one of those experiences you still wonder about many years later. ? Comments? Experiences?

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The light body process

If you are alive on the planet today,  you’re experiencing some  Version of the LBP ( light body process ).  It is inevitable as the  planet is passing through a photon (  no Siri not futon ) belt.. . Composed of  highly charged particles  Of light. these particles are  becoming more and more concentrated as the Earth  moves deeper into this supercharged energy field. The Schumann   resonance is the  Earth’s   Vibrational frequency which has always been, since anyone can remember 7.83  hz.  Over the last few  years it has   Almost   Doubled spiking at 16.5 hz.   This is significant  indicator that something is happening affecting all life on our planet.

This is playing havoc  with our mental,  physical and spiritual & emotional bodies. As our  beings struggle to  release old dense energies . we have experienced  many  events throughout our many existences.  There is a major retooling or  rebooting going on across many, timelines.. This didn’t start just yesterday and has been going on for many people for a long time. This can be  likened to the  alchemical Principles of   the seven. stages of transformation.  As my wife says , ” your body is the laboratory of the soul ”

according to the Nagual Don Juan Matus ”  in order to heal ourselves we must unravel a  seemingly endless series of  free associations  which originate in the emotional body . ”  This in and of it’s self  is a daunting task . The LBP  is a phenomena leading to the  reintegration of our light bodies or spiritual selves, with this aspect of physical existence.


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The manuscript of survival – part 415

aisha north

The tide of humanity has indeed passed a crucial point by now, and as these surges of energetic information keep washing over you, you will find yourself seeing the density of yesterday with a sharper eye than before. Let us explain. Again, what you see is not an accurate representation of what you are truly getting, and even if this is not news to any of you, we will still maintain the need to remind you of it. For as you still see reality very much through the eyes of a human, you will also continue to overlook the truth that lies beneath this veil of confusion. It is not hidden from view, rather, it is kept from your perception by your insistence to focus on the overlaying layers of intrusion and confusion. And so, what is there in full view will seem as if hidden in a mist, a…

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