purple sage

Dear Crazy Wolf,

I want to thank you for the journey you did for me.
The journey itself was amazing, as it was very clear
you found my father. But I did not expect that I would
receive another gift, a kind of opening to the other side.

For a couple days surrounding the day you did the journey,
I felt very close to the spiritual realm. A sense of the
unseen permeated my everyday consciousness. My regular
meditations felt much deeper, and I felt less disturbed
by the daily troubles of life. I also felt very close to my

On one of those days, during my usual evening meditation,
I found myself in communication with another, a being lying beside me on my right.
It was such a gentle and natural communication, (and wordless, also) that I barely
was aware of it; I thought that I must be having a very good
meditation to have achieved the beautiful sense of well-being I felt.

After perhaps ten minutes, the being left me. While there
was no definite form, I felt its energy crossing over me
and exiting out the window on my left side. The sense
of well-being I felt during the communication was also gone,
and I recognized it had come from the presence of the being.

I have never learned who the being was.
I am simply grateful for the profound experience
and thank you for facilitating it for me through your work.


And another:

thanks so much ron. the journey is having a very powerful impact on my soul and psyche. love to you, robin

one more and i will stop posting these:

Sometimes it takes a night to reflect on things.  I want to tell you how accurate this reading is.  A couple of things I didn’t mention.  The “immutable presence” is my “IS” which is my connection to all that is and my guide through impressions, and you got that so right about my feelings and connection.  Months ago “IS” took me back to before the majority of damage was done in my life by others and myself.  The age was probably 10 or so years of age.  I was impressed that the karma (for lack of a better word) was now cleaned up and the innocence was back.  You got that also!  The storms were correct in representing what was done to me but I always had supernatural protection, you got that correct.  I would tell anyone, your journey was spot on! I am a pretty in-tune into the mystic person, so it takes something to impress me.
So believe me, I will be looking out for a snake and a dark horse, in any form!  I thank you for that info. 
Mainly, I wanted to tell you again how accurate your journey was…..

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