Power Animals

Animals have a special place in many peoples hearts and rightly so.
Some animals can become guides as well as teachers and of course companions.

In the shamanic world certain powers and attributes are acknowledged
to be specific to the different species. Each of the wide variety of animal specie on earth carries a unique energetic signature. For example a horse has archetypes of strength and character while an otter is playful and rambunctious.

This is a general observation and does not take into account the individuality all animals have within their archetype.
Most people are usually drawn to several favorites in the animal kingdom. This is where one usually finds their power animals. It is
not uncommon to have several different animal friends both in the physical and the spirit world.

I have a couple of birds which have been my archetypal guides for most of this life. They exist in this realm and the spirit realm and
can be quite adamant in their delivery of messages and support.

One day, a few years ago, i was going somewhere and set out on foot from my house. It was mid-morning, and a beautiful day, but i was in a foul mood and did not want to do what i had set out to do.
As i walked down the sidewalk i heard a Raven cawing from an overhead wire. As i walked under the bird it got more vocal. After this went on for a few minutes, it was apparent this raven was following me. I looked up and said “yeah,yeah, i see you ” I hurried on my way in a fog of discontent.

Suddenly the bird swooped down and bashed me in the back of the head with the full force of it’s body. I didn’t see it happen but i definately felt the impact. I stopped cold in my tracks. The raven flew off unscathed.

For a moment i was not sure what to do. It was obvious the bird was trying to tell me something. But what? I had never seen a bird behave like that.

As i began to regain my composure i decided it was probably best to not continue on my mission that day and that this was definately a warning sign that something ahead was going to be unpleasant or maybe even dangerous. Instantly my mood shifted and i turned around an went back home. Discretion being the better part of valour in this case.

I did not go out the rest of the day. I knew that if you develope these kinds of connections you have to pay attention to the signs. This was a powerful sign from one of my beloved power animals. I never knew what might have been ahead for me on that portentous day, but i could not shake the feeling somehow i had been averted from some sort of calamity.

I invite you to share your story about your power animal here on this blog.
Love, Crazywolf


7 Responses to Power Animals

  1. beingme says:

    My dog died and I was really grieving her loss. She had a best friend, who was about her age and died soon after her. But before he died, I was walking him and he exhibited a very distinct behaviour that was characteristic of my own dog, but not at all like him. It was a sign to me…that the two were deeply connected and that my sweet girl lives on. Not only did it relieve me of my deep grief, but it made me laugh.

    Dogs…are my power animals! I believe they are representatives of God’s love here on the earth plain.

    • Zhenna says:

      This was interesting because I just lost one of my beloved dogs about two weeks ago. I noticed his brother would awaken suddenly like he had been startled. He started taking on habits of the brother that has moved on. Things he never did in his 14 years of life. His health improved quickly and he became more active again. I have had so many good things happen suddenly and I “know” it is my beloved Jack watching over me. They started the day after he went into another dimension. So many amazing things.

      As for my power animals, I never gave a thought to totem animals and had no interest in them. Until, a Reiki session. I was very deep and lost all connection to the mundane. I saw a white female owl flying beside me, a white male wolf walking beside me on my right side, and a white male lion walking on the left side. I have never been a fan of lions, so wouldn’t you know. The universe has a sense of humor. I honor them now.


  2. Leslie says:

    Hey there Crazywolf – I found you on Aisha’s blog. This may not be exactly what you are looking for but you may find it interesting, and maybe have some insight.
    When I was going through a difficult time in my life (with fertility), I dreamt of white birds – all the time, every single night. There were always lots of them, not just one. This went on for months, if not a year. Once I got pregnant with my son, the dreams stopped. I’ve always wondered about this. It’s been many years now, but from what I can remember they were always large, graceful birds, like herons or egrets, as opposed to small birds. I’ve never been able to figure it out but I’m sure it meant something!

    Recently in meditation I saw a running horse – the words that came to me were strength and freedom. It definitely resonated!

    Take care,

  3. persephone says:

    I dreamed, while I was in Honduras, that I turned into a bird, a black bird that i’m assuming was a Raven or something. I had the dream three nights in a row. The first night I was terrified and didnt understand what was happening. I saw nothing but blackness and my body felt awkward. The 2nd night I could kind of see, but I had to turn my head in weird ways. I was also screaming or sqawking or something. The 3rd night I was “practicing” using my body and felt a tad bit more comfortable, though it was still really strange. Some people came into the room I was in and I remember being afraid that they would see me, but they didnt really react.

  4. T'wanna says:

    This past Summer 2013, I grew a fascination with spider webs. Every time I’d chant to the East they were noticeable. My favorite was the one outside my bedroom window. Wow, to watch the little Spider wiggle and weave was magical. This companion was with me for a couple of months. She didn’t leave me until the day I could truly scrutinize her moves
    -and- noticed she was mimicking my dance moves. There was a moment to have laser vision because my sight became clear to see it was more like a fairy with a wicked wine! The dimensions and curves became more person like. Wow, this my first time sharing this story!

  5. Mine is the hawk and owls. Almost everyday one will visit me. If I am lucky I will see several in one day, and if I see two together, it is the best feeling! I love hawks. In the summer, I will hear owls talking to each other. I will talk back and they will answer me! I love it. I could spend many an hour just talking to them.

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