hope ave and change wayIf things feel hopeless right now…take heart and know that YOU are the BIG LIGHT. Such a beautiful term…..I find the best way to grapple with the continued challenges we are all experiencing is to take radical responsibility for the choice I made to incarnate and be here on Planet Earth at this time. I choose to remember that this earthly experience is a master class for those bold enough to take it on. I choose to remember that I can maintain a light, joyful state of being even in the midst of circumstances that can be considered quite negative – simply because it is my right to choose the positive state of being I wish to live in. I choose this state for no other reason than it is what I prefer, and thus so it is. Why? Because I MAKE IT SO. No one has the power to take this choice from us, ever. So, bring on the chemtrails, the crushing depression, the physical pain and confusion. What can it do, really? We are each infinite, eternal beings of big, beautiful, inextinguishable light. We have chosen this relatively brief (what’s millions of years in eternity) experience of darkness, duality and paradox for a good reason. Perhaps it is simply to know what it is to wake up in the midst of the blackest night and know ourselves as light, and to be that beacon to others. Most likely we will never be lost again in outer darkness only to find out at the end of the day that we were the light all along, so I say let’s embrace this experience and keep truckin’. This earthly life will be over soon enough and I want to embrace every bit of it so that when the time comes to transition and make a new choice (a non-dual consciousness collective is looking pretty good I must admit), it will be made from a new and improved state of empowerment and Self-mastery. Love and blessings to all of us.

Heather said this on January 5, 2013 at Aisha North.wordpress.com


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