.The 144,000


I  am  aware of what is said in the book of revelations regarding 144,000 supposed chosen  souls .  Does anyone out there have any further information  or personal experience to share in this blog, that is not taken directly from the Bible or is someone’s interpretation  there of .?.

” In 1995 I was invited to go to a channeling. A Friend of mine  wanted to hear  a woman from Sedona  Channel The Archangel Michael.  As far as I was concerned The jury was still out as to the  credibility of this type  process. I was very skeptical.

When this woman came out and stood in front of the podium,  The 100 .or so  New Age types who filled out the audience fell silent.  She did a very brief introduction herself  and then  said she would turn the talking over to  archangel Michael.

I was surprised when the voice that came through her  sounded like a really  ancient being.  A voice like no other I have ever heard before.    This was the English language  but in some long  forgotten dialect.

I have a no memory of  what he  spoke about until  he made reference to his band 144,000  Warriors of light,

Warriors for the Earth Who have been here since the beginning and will be here until the end. Then he said,and there is one of them here tonight and pointed to someone in the back of the room.

I turned around to see who he was pointing at. I Remembered I was in the back row so I could skate this fiasco if it turned  into one.  Then he said for all to hear and much to my chagrin,”no you with the thing on your  upper lip .”

Back then I had a large  black mustache  and looked like some crazy bandito. Certainly not a Warrior of light …..of course everyone turns to see who he was pointing to. I about shit my pants.   He continued to call me out  and I remember what he said but I can’t repeated it,  for it is too unlike my own self image.

it is one of those experiences you still wonder about many years later. ? Comments? Experiences?


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2 Responses to .The 144,000

  1. sensitive2energy says:

    Namaste Beloved, there are so many misconceptions about this planet and what I feel is that there are awakened beings who are the spiritual warriors like myself that have chosen to be here to be of service with our abilities to help heal the collective consciousness.into a new paradigm.ijs

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