The light body process

If you are alive on the planet today,  you’re experiencing some  Version of the LBP ( light body process ).  It is inevitable as the  planet is passing through a photon (  no Siri not futon ) belt.. . Composed of  highly charged particles  Of light. these particles are  becoming more and more concentrated as the Earth  moves deeper into this supercharged energy field. The Schumann   resonance is the  Earth’s   Vibrational frequency which has always been, since anyone can remember 7.83  hz.  Over the last few  years it has   Almost   Doubled spiking at 16.5 hz.   This is significant  indicator that something is happening affecting all life on our planet.

This is playing havoc  with our mental,  physical and spiritual & emotional bodies. As our  beings struggle to  release old dense energies . we have experienced  many  events throughout our many existences.  There is a major retooling or  rebooting going on across many, timelines.. This didn’t start just yesterday and has been going on for many people for a long time. This can be  likened to the  alchemical Principles of   the seven. stages of transformation.  As my wife says , ” your body is the laboratory of the soul ”

according to the Nagual Don Juan Matus ”  in order to heal ourselves we must unravel a  seemingly endless series of  free associations  which originate in the emotional body . ”  This in and of it’s self  is a daunting task . The LBP  is a phenomena leading to the  reintegration of our light bodies or spiritual selves, with this aspect of physical existence.



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