Walking in the Sacred

black elk

Black Elk  1863-1950

The great Sioux shaman Black Elk speaks of “walking in a sacred manner.” To walk in a sacred manner is to make an art of life, to attend to each moment as though it were the last, to take each step as though it were the first.

To breathe love and awareness into this fragile body, entering the greater body we all are a part of.  Knowing  that each step must be taken lightly, not with force, not creating more SELF, more ego, not becoming more of a “doer,” more of a separate identity, that draws suffering upon itself. To walk in a sacred manner is to let go of our suffering and allow the scintillating “divinity” of each moment to nurture and direct the next step.

When we walk in a sacred manner, nothing throws us off balance for nothing is identified with  self.   As the walker in the Sacred, all is experienced as the sacred, as process unfolding, as the divine moment provided for our healing. In open body, in open mind, in open heart, the possibilities are endless. Healing is to be found everywhere. Each step so precious. Each step a new possibility.”



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2 Responses to Walking in the Sacred

  1. lokastromma1 says:

    Reblogged this on lokastrommablog and commented:
    I am not , obviously, following anything even remotely resembling a natvive american shamnistic path. But I enjoy the sayings of Black Elk. Always have and I needed this reminder as I struggle through my situation with the Thor/Loki debacle.

  2. davescallon says:

    So true, even if we do waylay ourselves, we need to remember these word, to come back balanced, Thank you CW for sharing

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