caveIn Sanskrit a Vasana is an ancient soul wound emerging from the human energy body as a traumatic flash back, rage, anger, fear, physical pain, exhaustion, sadness, grief or confusion.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the term and concept of vasana or ancient wound. The focus in this article is to provide a practical tool to assist and empower those who feel overwhelmed or incapacitated by these soul wounds. Know that you’re not alone. All awakening humans are experiencing vasanas to some degree. They’re a natural part of the Ascension/Transformation process, it’s crucial to understand that we must resolve these ancient wounds for our soul’s evolution. We absolutely can learn how to cope with and release these wounds.

Our souls are eternal, so we can do the work now or later, more rapidly or at a slower pace. It is our choice and we have already set the scene for our own evolution. There’s no time frame,set on the work. The work will indeed get done; it’s just a matter of whether or not you want to do it now. Because of the Ascension energies there’s added “support” energetically for the processing of these wounds at this time in the history of mankind. This available energy is more noticeable now in our daily lives; often distracting us and draining our resources.   So many of us are lightworkers trying to be of service to the planet at this time, but it can be discouraging when an ancient wound rears up and forces our attention away from our service work.

We must trust and know that this is part of the process, and we have to decide to stand tall thru the pain and discomfort and get through it if we are going to actualize our true potential as light beings.

When experiencing an ancient wound it’s hard sometimes to look inward and to make that intentional connection with our higher self.

We are spirit beings having a human experience, as is so often stated. We are more vast than the human biological organism has the capacity to understand. Imagine you are in every molecule that comprises the universe and then beyond that. And that just about says how vast we are. But here on Earth, we lose the sense of that wonder. The good news is the higher self is available by way of our own minds, once we have summoned the connection.

While experiencing an vasana or ancient wound, however we experience it, we can all agree that it feels pretty darned crappy. These old, painful, often ugly, supressed aspects of ourselves can take our breath away. I have several previous blogs dedicated to this subject in one fashion or another. These techniques can be done anywhere with eyes open or closed, just make sure you’re seated or lying downn during the process.

•Acknowledge that you’re having this experience, and breathe deeply.
•Know and trust that you have the courage to get through it.
•Reach out to your higher self. Simply think or state out loud “Higher self, please be with me now.”
•Notice where in your body, and how you’re experiencing your wound.
•Ask your higher self to assist you in becoming the observer to your experience.
•See yourself as a witness standing to the side of your experience viewing it as a scene without judgment.
•Allow the wound to tell you what it needs. You could ask,“How can I help you heal?”
•Imagine the higher self/observer aspect of self giving the wound what it needs with unconditional love. It could be healing light, sound, a prayer, whatever feels right.
•Ask the wound if there’s anything else that can be done at this time to assist in its healing.
•Now ask that all aspects of self to be combined and integrated into a new whole and healthy you.
Releasing our wounding comes in layers. It’s important to be patient and kind with ourselves as we travel the terrain of this wild roller coaster ride of self healing. Know that our bodies are like a repository for all this life’s and our past life’s experiences.  As an example, i had a vision several years ago as i was out walking one day. In the memory/vision i saw myself on horseback on a battlefield, another rider approached and suddenly i was impaled with a spear thru the chest. The last thing i felt in that experience was felt once more in THIS physical body as a deep searing pain that went completely through my chest and was felt in my back to the same intensity from that ancient wound. The pain was excruciating for sometime and then it diminished to a dull ache which lasted several days until i released the cellular memory of the past life event. Somehow we carry over these experiences from life to life as an energetic wound or vasana.

When working with these ancient woundings it is always good to affirm something like: I am open to love, to my growth and to the light of my spirit for healing these old wounds.

Blessings on the path, Crazywolf


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3 Responses to Vasanas

  1. Pat says:

    Hi crazywolf
    Steve Beckow often speaks of ‘vasanas’ and he’s very forthcoming and honest when he speaks of his own. We all go through having to face our ‘wounds’ and our ‘shadow sides’. Now more than ever an article like yours, needs to get out and be addressed due to the fact that the CME’s do bring all this out into the open. I believe Clif High (of Web Bot fame) called it; “Sun Madness”.
    It’s nothing more than people acting out their wounds and shadows on an unconscious level.
    They aren’t aware of what is driving them and so it seems these CME’s and Energies are bringing out the worst in some and instead of stopping and going within to find out what is going on with them…they just ‘act out’… of impulse from core wounds and shadows. Great article !!!
    Many Blessings,

  2. Leslie says:

    Hey Crazywolf – I am bookmarking this page! The past couple of years have been filled with Vasanas for me; I knew I was doing a lot of clearing but this explains it all so well. What a wild ride! I am looking forward to using your techniques – thank you!


  3. Marit says:

    At different points in my life I have had peeks into past wh. The most current I was a very selfish housewife with two children, never satisfied with anyone or anything.
    Before that I was married to a man who went off to fight in the army, maybe 1812. He did not want to consummate the marriage because he feared if he lost his life I could not take care inherited family land. He died, of course, and that was my shame to my dying day. I lied to his family saying I was pregnant. They ended up giving the house and land to a brother but I received a check and had an apartment to live in the rest of my life.
    Besides the fact that I died a secret virgin, I remember being mean to some neighbor children because they had stolen my tomatoes. I called them trash or no good or something like that when in all actuality they were just struggling to get by. I thought of myself as a good church woman. I was a a seamstress for extra money. I would sew beautiful dresses that I myself could never wear, or at least I thought I had to.

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