The Hopi and the sacred hoop

hopi prophesy rockrendering of petroglyph at hopi reservation

There is a  red sandstone cliff, near second mesa on the Hopi Reservation in northern Arizona. On this cliff is etched a picture of the past, present, and the future. This site is known as Hopi Prophecy Rock. The petroglyph there depicts the Hopi as emerging from the underground to the surface of the earth. The actual place for this emergence is a sacred site located in the Grand Canyon. The Sioux peoples also believe they came from underground at a place in the Black Hills known as Wind Cave.

The story depicted on the prophecy rock shows how the tribal clans of the Hopi migrated in the 4 directions, then turned left, forming a Swastika symbol. The clans that followed migrated in the 4 directions, then turned left, forming a reverse Swastika symbol. After traveling in the 4 directions, they return to the center. When they reach the center it will be the end of the fourth age.

The Sioux, very much like the Hopi, traveled in the four directions after emerging from their underground origin. The Sioux also believe that man has evolved through 4 ages, calling them the Age of Rock, Age of Fire, Age of the Bow, and Age of the Pipe. The length of each age is not known, but the prophecy states  during the time of each age, man would gradually become a “two-heart”.

The Hopi Prophecy Rock clearly depicts three “two-heart” individuals. A two-hearted person is one who thinks with his head rather than his heart. This is in reference to the left-brain analytical thinking. A person who thinks with his heart uses the right-brain intuitive thinking. Currently man is out of balance because we live in a left brained dominated society. We place more emphasis on left-brain thinking than right-brain heart centered thought.

The Hopi Prophecy Rock shows a space where the two-hearted people have a chosen to either start thinking with their hearts or continue to think with their heads only. If they chose the latter, it will lead to self-destruction; if they chose to think with their hearts they would gradually return to the natural way and their own survival.

On the Hopi Prophecy Rock are 3 circles which represent 3 world-shakings. The story is told that people of the Earth would reach a time when they would forget the story of how “we are all one”. The Creator would then cause 3 world-shakings to remind the people of our unity.

The first world-shaking would be recognized when a bug on a ribbon is flung into the air. This is interpretated as an airplane. Airplanes were first used in war was World War I.  Hence, World War I would be the first world-shaking, as depicted.

The second world-shaking would be recognized when man used the Hopi migration symbol (swastika) in war. This was World War II, which is the second world-shaking. The great Oglala Sioux holy man,  Black Elk, had also foreseen the coming of World War I & II.

The third world-shaking would be recognized by a red blanket or cloak.

Could this mean Communist China? Or Russia?

Native Elders tell us that Mother Earth is surrounded by negative energy which is given off by the human brain. One of the reasons for the Sun Dance is to give thanks to father sun for all he has provided us on Mother earth. By sending good thoughts to the sun, the people could mitigate the negative energy.

The Hopi Prophecy story also said that signs of the third-world shaking would be given when:

1. Trees will die. (Acid rain and the demise of the rainforest).

2. Man will build a house in the sky. (Space station Mir, or the planned international space station to be built).

3. Cold places will become hot. Hot places will become cold. (Erractic weather patterns and global warming, which is happening now).

4. Lands will sink into the ocean and lands will rise out of the sea.

5. There will be an appearance of the Blue Star Kachina

The constellation of Orion’s belt is the area of the sky known to the Sioux as the Heart of the White Buffalo constellation. The White Buffalo legend states that a sacred maiden brought a holy pipe to be used by the Sioux. When she departed she said she would return to help the people when they werer in trouble and turmoil. As she turned to leave she turned into a black buffalo, then a red buffalo, then a yellow buffalo, and finally into a white buffalo. Then she went back up into the clouds.

In August of 1994 a white buffalo was born in Wisconsin. Two more were born in May 1996 in South Dakota. One died but the other lived. Oglala Sioux holy man Dawson No Horse, stated that as we move into the next century, times would be very difficult. Sioux holy man, Black Elk, foresaw the Sacred Hoop of the world’s nations coming together soon— a reference to the thousand years of peace that is to follow the third-world shaking.

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One Response to The Hopi and the sacred hoop

  1. davescallon says:

    A red blanket or cloak, Both cover, and I do not think that it refers to any one tribe, (Russia or China, or North Korea etc.) Blood is red, and could cover the lands like a cloak, but so could Ash from a nuke etc. red = South – Fire – War, Protection. But I have always thought that the new age will be brought about by the end of greed, which has covered the Earth. The Selfish nature of man will go, but not go quietly, thus the Red blanket. And then a time of Peace.

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