Looking back at this week, i have to say i am a little more than distressed at the events we have all witnessed in our country. The tragedy in Boston taking center stage. There is so much going on behind the scenes right now that i don’t know how to talk about my feeling other than to say, “I just want some sanity displayed somewhere in all of this”. Yes, it was a horrible thing and a senselesss act of violence is always traumatizing. But then the media coverage continued to dramatize and further traumatize the country by overplaying each moment in excrutiating minutia. The police presence was so overpowering you would never have guessed they were looking for 2 kids. It seemed as if this was an opportunity to run a drill of some sort.
We live in a society where 90% of our entertainment is based on murder and violence and then we dare to ask why these kinds of tragedies continue to occur.

I consider myself a lightworker and yes it is hard to stay centered in these chaotic times, especially when the shock waves reveberate across the grid lines of the planet like pain from an acupuncture needle.

Lightwarriors… Our medicine is surely needed. Calmness is needed. Wisdom is needed. Strength is needed. Don’t give into the madness. We need to hold our light torches high for our brothers and sisters.

Thank you for letting me speak. There is so much more i want to say, but this is enough for now, least i digress.

Be in your heart space and in calm


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One Response to Lightwarriors

  1. positivagirl says:

    USA always dramatises news. i recall after Sept 11th your news (as we could see that too) gave different footage to what our news did. And alas after this there was the ‘war on terror’ which was no real war at all. I fear for people = as so many will need help. Times are changing.

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