Stalking yourself

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The art of stalking in the life of a spiritual warrior is an exacting discipline.  It requires rigorous attention to an aspect of our awareness that most of us generally ignore-our thoughts.

Why would anyone want to stalk their thoughts? There are several reasons to stalk yourself. The most important reason is the conservation of energy. Thoughts consume energy. We have thousands of thoughts each day.  Most of us are tired after a long day because we have thought too much.

 Thoughts are things and form the basis for our experiencial make-up. If we learn to be an accomplished thinker which in a lot of cases requires not thinking at all, we eventually learn to create the life we want to live. Not thinking sets the stage for a new phenomena to take place-KNOWING. Stalking is being selective about letting the kinds of thoughts we want to have play out on the “big screen” of our minds.

How do you become a stalker? It is not as easy as it sounds, but essentially one takes on the discipline of a stalking cat. The trick is to not be tricked into thinking negative thoughts. This requires much practice, so you have got to start somewhere.

To begin with we need to identify a thought pattern that is creating a problem in our lives. If you can’t think of one, congradulations. You may now move on to a more highly evolved planet.

Once you have identified some basic thoughts that are troubling or create disharmony in your life, you need to delete the thought right then and there.  How do you delete a thot you might ask? Well it is easier said than done, isn’t it?

You can make a game out of it. Watch (stalk)a thought as soon as it enters the mind (i.e. awareness). If it is not compatible with what you wish to create or does not match a higher vibration like integrity or unconditional love, simply reject the thot. See the delete button being pushed and watch the energy of the thot  disapate.

Stalking is a high art form practiced by those on a spiritual path, the process of stalking goes by other names but the energetic results are the same. Good luck and happy stalking.



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