The Assemblage Point

gaiaSurrounding every living person is a vibrating Energy Field. It is an egg shaped pressure field that contains and characterises our individual consciousness as distinct from that of others and the universe at large. Other descriptions are, the human aura or electromagnetic body. Some scientists call it the unified field.
Fortunately, this field has a very bright, high energy spot on it that the trained eye can ‘see’. This spot is the ‘Stationary Assemblage Point’. Ancient seers noted this spot to be located just to the left of the wing tip of the right shoulder blade in a healthy adult human.
For most healthy people, the idea that, ‘How we behave and how we feel’ is beyond our rational control, is preposterous. For those of us, who have experienced a serious physical accident, disease, fever, tragedy, violent intimidation, drug overdose, acute stress or depression, this idea is acceptable. Under such circumstances many people undergo a personality change, often accompanied by unfamiliar physical symptoms and illness.
Suffers experience that ‘something’ deep inside them has changed. Although they can remember how they behaved and felt before the incident, it is impossible for them to return to their former self. That indescribable ‘something’ deep inside all of us that can suddenly shift, changing our whole perception of reality including our physical health is the ‘Assemblage Point’.
The Assemblage Point is the vortex of high energy in the Electromagnetic Body. It is the location of the Assemblage Point that ‘dictates’ how we behave, how we feel and how we ‘see’ the world. Its location influences our conscious reality and greatly affects physical and mental health.
Inside the Core or the energy body are seven major energy vortexes or meridians. Acupuncture and Ayurvedic Medicine call them Chakras. The locations of these energy vortexes coincide with seven major glands and organs inside the body. The vibrational rate and the energy levels of the chakras influence the functioning and efficiency of their associated organs and glands. Chakras directly influence physical and mental health. A prime requirement before all seven chakras can open or function properly is; correct location and alignment of the Assemblage Point to the physical body.
assemblagepointfigure 1

Every one of us has an Assemblage Point and it is very easy to locate. The procedure for locating and correcting it is quick, simple and painless. Manipulation of the location of the Assemblage Point can change our state of consciousness, increase our biological energy levels and improve general health. Familiarity with its location and performing regular adjustments to it can accelerate personal development and improve mental and physical efficiency.
Correct alignment of the Energy Body with the physical body are vital for our physical and mental well-being. Figure 1 shows the correct alignment.
Violence, intimidation, bereavement, shock, accidents, trauma, drugs, toxins and illness can easily dislocate the energy body’s alignment.
Depending on the severity and direction of the misalignment, various psychological and physical symptoms will be present.
Gross misalignment of the Energy Body is present in depression, various psychotic and psychological disorders. Drugs and alcohol addiction, toxicity, leukaemia, cancer, AIDS, ME, MS, schizophrenia, epilepsy, alzheimer’s, coma, Parkinson’s etc.
It is a simple matter to find out the alignment of a person’s Energy Body by locating the Assemblage Point.
For optimum health and vitality, energies in the left and right sides of the brain are equal, and the Electromagnetic Field equally distributed about the bodies central meridian line. The ideal location for the Stationary Assemblage Point is the central position, shown in Fig 1. In this position balanced biological energy flows around the central nervous system and the many organs and glands function in harmony.
This ideal alignment is rare. With most people the Assemblage Point will be found entering on the right side of the chest’s central meridian line. This is due to excessive left brain activity, demanded by today’s stressful life style.

Drugs, Toxins, Illness, accidents and emotional trauma are the most common causes of misalignment. Once misalignment has occurred, it is very difficult to re-establish the original position by one’s own efforts.
Neither orthodox nor complementary medicine has the knowledge or procedures to correct Electromagnetic Body alignment. Realignment is a simple procedure that takes about one minute to execute.
Misalignment causes mild to serious imbalances of energy distribution in the brain and nervous system, upsetting endocrine and hormone functions. The symptoms directly relate to the location and entry angle of the incoming energies .   The further the location is outside the norm the more intense the symptoms. The symptoms experienced will vary according to the location and the angle of entry. Severe misalignment causes acute disturbances in the functioning of the organs and glands. Eventually biological damage can occur.
Today, neither psychiatrists, psychologists nor counsellors can correct gross misalignment. The alignment of the Electromagnetic Body controls the way we feel, think, and our perception of reality. Correcting alignment is not possible by talking, thinking or, in acute cases with medication. Therefore the usual method is to employ drugs to relieve or mask the symptoms caused by misalignment.
Shifting the location of the Assemblage Point and adjusting the angle will alter the state of human consciousness.

More on this topic to come,  Crazywolf


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  1. Interesting post. I hope Part II will tell us how to make the adjustment.

  2. Why haven’t you told us how to fix it? This website seems like it is trying to make us feel worse.

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