transmuteI have been exhausted this past couple of weeks with all the downloading of energies…all sounds very familiar to a seasoned Lightworker – except that we are needed more now than ever before. Our “time” has indeed arrived, and all the training and trials we went through – sometimes to excruciating depths and dizzying heights – is coming to the forefront.

Many of the ultra-sensitives and transmuters went through our own personal wringers – all our own “stuff” has been mostly burned out of us by the Cosmic Fires, also known by many other names, in preparation for our roles in the here-and-now. Many lifetimes have been energetically recapitulated and it has been a rough ride at times. I am happy to see that we are all doing so well in the burgeoning fourth density-and-higher energies. I see,also, that it is indeed, for real this time, a steady underlying and ever-pervasive Love-energy that leaves no stone or leaf unturned has come in with this new round. This makes our “job” as transmuters so much easier now! I, for one, have been awaiting this for….oh, too long! It seems like forever may finally arrive.  



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