The Law of the Last Screw


Our minds can be terrible things at times. Certainly not our best friends when frustration sets in.

I grew up with a father who was a mechanic/philosopher. We were constantly engaged in the repair of automobiles and other man made
atrocities, so we learned to be somewhat accepting of the universal laws.

My father used to joke about what he called “The Law of the Last Screw”. It could be stated something like this :
If a screw or bolt, nail or other type of fastener is going to break,
jam, strip, bend, twist or otherwise fail in some regard, it will always be the last one in a series of multiple devises. For example, say you are trying to remove an old hinge from a door and you manage to easily extract 2 of the old rusty screws, if there is going to be a stubborn one, that just won’t cooperate it will always be the (in this case there are 3 screws) last screw which will give you fits.

So do i think the universe conspires to mess with us in these mundane ways? No i don’t. But there is something going on with our own minds when we get tangled up and nothing seems to flow like we think it should. The Law of the last screw can apply to any number of circumstances we invent in our daily lives. Frustrations seem to be at an all time high. This i think is due to the changes we are all feeling we must make as a specie in order to survive.

Many sensitives and adepts are feeling there is an overlay of the 5th dimension pressing hard upon the Earth. Many of the flashes of light, loud booms, skyquakes, and societal changes are all a part of this process. There will be an uptick in change on every level. This process has been set into motion by what is referred to as the higher dimensional beings as, “The Real God.” It is also part of a natural process due to alignments with galactic plane and our transition thru the photon belt.

On a personal level this can best be explained as the battle between the ego with all its wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience and the 5th dimensional realm. Our own 5th dimensional selves are taking over and the ego is kicking and screaming, sabotaging, blaming, projecting, doing everything possible to hold onto the old ways, what is known. Many times this is based on fear, beliefs and decisions are made due to these fears and insecurities to hold onto the old ways.

The law of the last screw was an observation. Observations quickly become mindsets and we are off and running from there. I for one am struggling to ” let go-let god ” and embrace the UNKNOWN .



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