The recapitulation is an energetic review of our lives. Among other things, the recapitulation is a technique used to regain our energy and awareness and also to remove the turmoil caused by interactions with other people. The thoughts of others can keep us pulled down and affect our lives. The shamans claim that every interaction we have with people is an exchange of energy. They say that we leave energy imprints on those we interact with and that foreign energy from those interactions is also left in us. The more emotional the situation the more energy you have lost or left behind in the situation and in the other person. If you think of the feeling all of us are familiar with, of being drained of energy after an argument, or after talking at length with particular people, you can see how this is a virtual energy loss.

Shamans also say that we only have a few ways of reacting to things that occur in our lives – much less than we might imagine. But we are fooled into thinking that we have a vast and complex repertoire of actions, reactions and thoughts. Yet we merely repeat the same things over and over in different situations for our entire lives.

The recapitulation can break this cycle by allowing us a pause. It allows us to see the way we act from a witness standpoint. That pause can benefit us by giving us the time to change the way we react and not just react in our preset accustomed way. If our reactions to people and the world around us are changed, our perception of the the world is also changed. Our reality is not as real as we think it is. And new possibilities appear as if by magic. But there is also another more all encompassing reason for the recapitulation.

Shamans say that a perfect and complete review of our lives will give us the ultimate freedom – freedom from death. But it doesn’t mean we will still be on this earth and in our human form. At death, all our memories and feelings are consumed by the eagle (the universe at large). There is no escape…. under normal circumstances.

But there is a possibility. Those seers discovered that the eagle/the dark sea of awareness or whatever you want to call it, will accept a perfect replica of our lives in place of our actual lives – The recapitulation. A review of our lives. A perfect replica of every experience and feeling we have had since the moment of birth, given freely to the universe is what is required. Seems like a tough requirement. How can we possibly have enough time to remember, let alone review our entire lives? – while still having new experiences to also review, before death takes us. It seems impossible. But those shamans say that “Intensity” is the answer. When a warrior has accumulated enough energy and awareness and has honed his recapitulating skills sufficiently, he can review/remember in large chunks – Intensity.

In a recapitulation, we see the same patterns in our lives, repeating themselves over and over. ie. many of them could be seen in the category of Concern for the self. They vary enough to seem different, but anger, sadness, fear, angst, deserving of better, blame, jealousy, greed, etc etc.. are a concern for the self – aspects of self importance. The recapitulation is designed to free us from our self. Our parasitic mind.

Before beginning a recapitulation, it is recommended that you make a list. A list of all the people you have met/interacted with since you were born. The list in itself seems like a monumental task. How can we remember everything? Well, we probably can’t – at least not at first. So the list contains all that we do remember. When we have our list of every person we can possibly remember. We start at the top of the list, working backwards, from the last person we interacted with, to our first memories of interactions with people. It is also recommended to first begin with our sexual interactions, before moving onto the chronological order of our list. They say that sexual interactions are the place where we have lost vital energy. And that recovering that vital sexual energy, gives us the power to proceed with the rest of the recapitulation in a more efficient way.

However, it is not absolutely necessary recapitulate in any specific order. They say that what matters is to start. So starting with any memory will do. It is my understanding that the very act of beginning a recapitulation will bring the necessary energy to fine tune the way in which we go about it – as we go.

The technique for the recapitulation is called “the sweeping breath”

Find a nice quiet and comfortable place to sit, like your bed and sit cross legged with your back against the wall or bed head. Recall a mental picture of the person and the conversation/interaction you have chosen to review from your list. If there are many, pick one and try to remember all the details of what you said and what the other person said and how it made you feel at the time. The idea is to pull back the precious energy you have left in the interaction and to expel or return the foreign energy that has been left in you by the other person. The intent is that this review, your life experiences, are a gift to the spirit/the universe – infinity.

While sitting comfortably and preferably in a dark or dimly lit room, turn your head to the far right and slowly breath in as your head very slowly moves all the way to your left shoulder. Then slowly breath out while moving your head, again slowly, to the right shoulder. While doing this you are trying to feel that with each breath you are breathing your energy back in and when exhaling, expelling the other persons energy and returning it to them, where it belongs. The more detailed your memories are as you proceed, the more effective it is. Every sentence that was uttered and every feeling that was felt are what you are recapitulating. The breathing in can be done through the mouth or nose but the breathing out is best done through the mouth, like you are very gently blowing out the candles on a birthday cake – as your head moves from your left shoulder to your right. When you have remembered and breathed all you can for a particular scene – do one more left/right movement of your head without breathing and then return your head to be facing straight ahead – and relax. Then move on to the next memory and do the same thing again. You may find that it takes quite a few breaths for reliving just one conversation but that’s as it should be. The more you do this, the more proficient you become at it.


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3 Responses to Recapitulation

  1. This is an interesting process. I am aware of the “past life review” upon physical death, however “recapitulation” is something new to me.

  2. crazywolf777 says:

    I recapitulated for several years in th 90’s. I still have a lot to work on. It is hard work and the
    process is effective if you stick with it. I have not been diligent, however. The more you do now the less you have to do on the flip side. CW

  3. Pat says:

    Hi crazywolf777
    I just love this article. Since late Dec.2012; out of nowhere a ‘life review’ came up for me. It was really intense in the beginning. It’s subsided somewhat in the intensity of feelings; but it’s still on going. Just this morning out of nowhere I woke up with reflections and rememberences of a few people and situations that happened years ago…and which I had completely consciously forgotten about. They weren’t painful; but they were about a ‘crossroads’ I had encountered and choices I made. A person I could have married; but didn’t. I have no idea why this came up; but I let it flow and blessed it and released it.
    I don’t know if you know of a woman by the name of Denise le Fay. Her site is “Transitions”.
    She’s been writing about this “life review”. She claims since 12/21/12 we’ve all been doing it either consciously aware or not (in dream time). She claims it’s part of the “Ascension” process or what I call the ‘Shift’. To answer ghostbusterbev….Denise claims it’s all just happening now as a natural process due to the fact that we are ascending with bodies and not waiting for a life review upon death (with no body). That’s her take on it.

    I’m finding that it’s natural too. I’m not doing it consciously either. Things are just coming up for me to look at out of the blue and to bless and release. I’m feeling things about each situation like gratitude; or forgiveness; or just saying ” I release you”…..(out of my consciousness/subconscious)… each time I do this….I feel lighter and the process get’s easier.
    Thank you for this article.
    Much love to you and yours,

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