I want to share a response that was posted on another blog.  A woman had expressed the fact that she did not see much hope for humanity and was depressed by what she saw going on in the world.  Elizabeth who made the original post on her site about the metamorphosis we are all going thru , had made a beautiful response to the womans remarks. I chimmed in and agreed with Elizabeth and she in turn fired this back to me.

Thanks, Crazywolf.
Part of the lightworker “problem” if such exists is that we’re mostly from higher vibrational worlds where manifestation is instanteous and people work cooperatively. That is not how it has worked for at least the last 13,000 years (or more depending on whose version of history) in 3D. It takes time, work and intention and attention to what you’re doing, thinking and feeling. The more centered and balanced each lightworker is, the better chance that change will take place at a faster pace for the rest of the population. Do not feel that humanity is a lost cause. Folks are here for lots of reasons, none of which you or I are privy to, so we better not judge them and their desire to experience whatever comes into their world, including death and destruction. Dark and light are simply two sides of one coin, duality, and we judge the dark as evil and bad due to the limitations of consciousness we have been brought up into by family and “society”. Break away from the old thinking, folks, or you’re just helping to stir an old rusty pot.




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