Collision of two worlds

tan rabbit

Shortly after my father died my sister had a very unusual experience, with him.

Dad was a mechanic all his life and always had a lot of different cars around. The last car he was really fond of was a 76′ VW rabbit.
He loved that old rabbit and drove it everywhere except when my mother was along he would take the “good” car.

My sister lives in a small midwestern town just twenty miles from where my parents lived. A secondary highway connected the two villages. There is never a lot of traffic on the highway, you can sometimes drive several miles without meeting another vehicle.

On this particular day, in broad daylight she was driving between the two towns. As she approached a curve which forces you to slow down to around 30 mph to be able to negotiate the turn, she saw my father’s car coming into the curve from the opposite direction. She said at that point time seemed to slow down and what transpired next
seemed to happen in slow motion.

She recognized the old tan rabbit and as they went by each other she looked over and saw my father driving alone, just minding his own buiness. He did not look at her or even seem to notice her. He just drove on in the opposite direction, leaving her with her mouth agape. To this day she does not understand her experience. She is not the kind of person who makes things up and is not even interested in metaphyics
or the supernatural and lives a normal life in a small midwestern town.

When she told me what happened, she was still trying to figure it out for herself and was confused and amazed but not in denial of the possibility that she had somehow and for whatever reason witnessed a collision of two worlds.

Does anyone out there have a similar experience that they would like to share here?


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