Twin Flames

twin flames
Integrating Wholeness ~ Connecting with your Twin Flame

Many of you pine for, long for, ache for contact with your Twin Flame. Within the light realms where your Highest Form, your Atma, exists as light you are constantly formed with your Twin Ray of Light. It is the other half of you, created at the same moment of your souls birth. You are never apart. You are exactly the same, one divine masculine and the other divine feminine. As you descend into the physical realm you exist as Twin Flames. You incarnate into a body….. Most Twin Flames today have their Twin Flame remain on the other side as they have incarnated to Earth and their TF assists their difficult Mission here with all the assistance from above. If you are not living with your TF now, possibaly your TF is not on Earth.

Those looking for their TF often join dating sites, go on endless dates over the years and they are always looking, looking. Their ego tells them with each new blind date THEY ARE THE ONE!

Here is the good news. It is possible to dissolve the ego and understand the truth. You are never separate from your TF. They are just on the other side of the veil. They can and do see and hear everything you do. They know when you think about them and they long to speak with you. Instead of looking outside for them, One must go within. The sooner you take this step, the quicker you will be reunited. You need to begin an intimate relationship with your WHOLE SELF on the INNER. Integrating Wholeness is a step required in Ascension.

It is easy to do. Begin an internal conversation with your TF ongoing throughout the day. When you open your eyes, send them Greetings. When you go through your day, comment to them on the inside about the events in your life. Go to bed early and tell them everything bothering you and all of your hopes and dreams. Talk to them. You must say it. Make it a daily habit. You will find they are listening. They will find ways to let you know. Do not delay this next step in your progress. If you find yourself in a committed relationship and you are not sure how to proceed REMEMBER! This is not about sex. It is NOT about romance (though it can be) This is about INTEGRATING WHOLENESS! You are having a conversation with your other half, the other half of you that is never outside of you. This will make you a better person, better friend, better lover. Allow yourself to comprehend this and hasten to build this relationship on the inside.


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One Response to Twin Flames

  1. Excellent post! Very good advice to those who seek their Twin Flame and cannot find him/her in this life. I know that mine waits for me in the Spirit World; he has appeared to me on several occasions, and it is a great comfort knowing this.

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