Consider the Lilies

liliesConsider The Lilies

Consider the lilies,
they don’t toil nor spin
And there’s not a king
with more splendor than them.
Consider the sparrows,
they don’t plant nor sow,
But they’re fed by the Master
who watches them grow
( by Joel Hemphill, inspired by the teachings of Jesus )

Last night I received some information when I asked about the questions posed by a lady who was having some difficulty and worry with her work.

To begin with, when I entered the other realm, I saw a field of brightly colored lilies. There were thousands upon thousands of lilies all over the foreground and some of the lilies came alive and were animated as if they were elementals. They reached out with their softness and scent to a young girl,who was dressed in a pink ballet costume (tutu and toe shoes). She walked through this field with her hands raised at her sides, open, as if to feel the vibrations as she walked through these beautiful flowers. She drifted boyantly across this surreal landscape as storm clouds gathered in a turbulant sky.

As she walked on, I saw her come to a plateau where there were cords stretched out like harp strings but horizontal. As I watched this young child, she cautiously stepped out onto one of the cords, like it was a tightrope wire. Once she gained her balance, she started to tip toe in a fashion similar to a ballet dancer, dancing from cord to cord. At certain points, she almost lost her balance and I could feel her fear of falling between the cords because below these cords was an abyss—a place where she was very fearful of going because she couldn’t see anything beyond it. At this point, the image in the journey started to fade.

I will share with you my feelings as the observer in this journey. I sensed she was in a space in the field of lilies that soothed and excited her. I sensed her innocence. And then she stepped into a harsher environment that had a lot of vibrational discord that she was trying to traverse in a manner that was harmonious to her inner spirit. The true danger was her fear of the environment. I felt that if she fell she would land on her feet and there would be no harm in taking the fall because she had all the training (as evidenced by the symbolism of her proficiency in ballet) for balance necessary to overcome her challenges and her fears of the challenge. The abyss was just the void we all experience from time to time, a place of all possibilities. Even though she had doubts about her abilities, deep down she knew she had to do this and dance between the cords in order to dispel her fears and worries. The lilies had come alive for her to tell her about their energies
and to share with her some of their magical medicine. They do not toil or spin has great meaning here.

I hope this has some signifigence for her and helps with her questions. How could she ever doubt herself or her passion when she was such a splendid dancer. Just a reminder for her to “consider the lilies”.

Blessings, Crazywolf


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