Magpie vision

magpie Here is what i saw in a journey i just did for Bob ( not his real name ).
I witnessed a man standing at a bus stop. The man was of average stature and his hair was thinning somewhat on the head. A bus approached and the man got on the bus, i noticed the bus had no route marker in the banner box above the windshield. The driver greeted the man as he entered the bus and said, “here we go Bilbo, are you ready? The man looked puzzled and then started to act claustrophobic and aprehensive. It was clear he didn’t know where the bus was going to take him. No one else was on the bus except another man and woman sitting in the very back of the bus. Their names rhymed and one of them had something wrong with a foot.

The bus driver stopped the bus because he could see the man desperately wanted off. The driver said “now go find what you burried when you were nine” The man was puzzled but started to walk along a path by the side of the road. Then two magpies swooped in from behind him and picked him up by the elbows and flew with him to a elevated meadow. The birds dropped him off, all the while squalking and carrying on, under a huge old tree. The man started digging with his hands in a mound of soft soil, where the birds had pointed out a spot. Quickly he uncovered an old treasure chest and dusted the earth from the top of the box. He opened the lid and was suprised to see a shiney red heart shaped object aglow inside the chest.

He was so expecting the chest to contain something else that he had to take a deep breath and think about what the bus driver had said.

The magpie’s speech is symbolic of communication and creative expression. When we hear the magpie speak it is a message to us that we might need to listen to what is being spoken to us – listen with more attention. The chatter of the magpie is also a symbolic message that we may need to speak our minds more clearly….speak up, express our opinions, be creative with our spoken words.
The magpie’s obsession with shiny things is symbolic of our tendency to chase after false ideas or perceptions. When the magpie comes into our lives it is often a reminder that we may have to re-evaluate our priorities. Are we chasing after unsuitable desires? Are we serving an inauthentic ideal? Are we putting materialism ahead of matters of the soul?
The magpie builds its home in the thickest “V” of trees. Forks or V’s in nature are symbolic of gateways or paths into the spirit realm. In this fashion, the magpie asks us about our level of spiritual perception. Specifically, the magpie asks to keep an open mind in matters of the spirit. She also asks us where our spiritual foundation is and encourages us to open the gateways of higher (spiritual) vision.

Her plumage is also symbolic. With striking colouration, the magpie is symbolic of flamboyance, expression, and glamour. When we see her, we do a double-take because her appearance commands our attention. This is a message for us to not hide ourselves away from the world. The magpie beckons us to reveal our brilliance (physical and otherwise) to the world. We are each composed of incredible beauty and grace.! –
The magpie is a reminder that we must express these attributes outwardly in a glamorous display just as she does.
And just when we get to know the symbolic meaning of the magpie, she eludes us and leaves us guessing what she’s all about. In nature she has been known to be shy and reclusive – yet in cities she is noted to be extremely sociable with humans. Typically, she is a scavenger…but she has also been witnessed taking down small birds and rodents – acting as a bird of prey (which is not her classification).
These and other oddities in her behavior are symbolic of illusion and perception. The magpie’s message here is that not all things are what they appear to be, and we should not set our judgements in stone. Further, this aspect of the magpie is a message that we do not have to be bound to perceptions. In other words, we may want to consider departing from our habitual behaviors and avoid being type-caste into a specific role.
In ancient European cultures the magpie is said to predict omens, and there is a type of divination based on the magpie according to an old riddle. I’ve forgotten how the rhyme goes, but gist of it is according to how many magpies are seen the following will be one’s fate:
One magpie indicates danger …Two indicates joyous union and so on.  So two is a positive sign……

I don’t know anything about
Bob or his situation, but from my past experience, i would say there is enough going on in this reading to give him a clue or at least some guidance from spirit as to what changes he might want to look at implementing in his life. A shift at a core level can eredicate a lifetime of karma.

My work is more typical of the information you would get in dreamtime and is symbolic in nature and can be helpful in understanding our challenges. Bob is uncertain as to the message in this reading, but i think in time it will be apparent to him what spirit is trying to tell him.

Your thoughts and response appreciated.
Bright blessings, Crazywolf


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