Why i do journeys

homeI tend to take the shamanic journey process and it’s magical gifts almost for granted after i became proficient at accessing the spaces our souls reside in. This learned skill is almost like divine divination. With practice anyone can do it.

I was not going to do a testimonial page here on this site, then i received an email from a woman who had a positive experience i thought was worth sharing. Her experience went beyond the reading and opened up a new space for her that she shared with me. The testimonial she wrote is entered here on the page i created for that purpose in the topic bar at the top of this site.

Although she ask me not to share the details of the specific journey, because it was so personal. I too was opened to a new understanding of the value of the connectedness this process facilitates. What it does is often times so subtle that some people
just seem to miss out on the message entirely. Then there are times the information seems to weld us together in the awareness of our unity that makes it so apparent that there really is a BIGGER picture.

It brings me great joy to be able to serve in this way.

Blessings, Crazywolf


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