White Elk

white elk ” Live your life so that when you die others cry and you rejoice ” – White Elk

I had the privelege of seeing a white elk one night as i was riding with my friend Shirley in her truck on the hiway between Divide and Victor, Colorado. It was one of those momentous fleeting events that leaves you speechless and somehow changed forever.

We had just turned onto hiway 67 heading south toward home, the old mining camp of Victor, high on the back side of Pikes Peak at nearly 10,000 ft in elevation.

It was a dark moonless night and we were driving along chatting about whatever, when all of a sudden a giant albino elk appeared in the headlights on the left side of the truck. It seemed to have just leaped out of the bar ditch through the night and almost landed on the truck.

Shirley tryed to avoid colliding with it by steering to the right. There was not enough time, and in that moment there was all the time in the world.

Somehow we managed by some divine grace to avoid hitting the
animal, but we were both shocked beyond words until i finally managed to blurt out the obvious “did you see that”.
She just whimpered something in response about a white elk.
We pulled over to the side of the road and just sat there in the truck for awhile catching our breath.

Shirley and i talked about the episode with the great white elk many times until she passed in the winter of 99.

I feel her presence in my life quite often these days and just recently
decided to do a journey to check in with her. As i feel she is still in the higher realms.

When she appeared to me she was dressed in an old victorian costume with a boat shaped plumed hat, like societal ladies would wear around the late 1890’s. She said ” remember what i used to say about giving a year off my life to spend a day or so in Victor in it’s hayday”. We really loved this old run down place.

“Well, here we are and i didn’t have to give up anything”. And with that we proceeded to explore the town when it was all brand new, going into shops and walking the old brick streets. When the trolley came by she said, ” lets get on, i always wanted to do that “. So i rode the street car with her and when we got off at the corner of third and main she disappeared into the crowd. I knew it was time to leave and i turned to look back to the west, up main street. As the sun settled in between the rock cut that forms the entrance to the town i saw the white elk saunter out into the street….a tear ran down my cheek.


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