The other worlds part 1

other realmsOther worlds exist overlapping what we refer to as this third dimensional reality.

In the ancient Toltec teachings, the Predators or Flyers as Don Juan Mateus referred to them, have been described as a foreign, parasitic entity that doesn’t belong in this universe. I’d like to share my take on the Flyers because the information out there can be confusing and misleading.

Everything is energy. Our universe is Spirit or energy in motion. We can think of it as one big experiment in manifestation. We see in our 3D world that there is a recycling of matter. God eating god in increasing complexity, if you will. The grass consumes sunlight, oxygen, water and nutrients to create green shoots. The cow consumes the grass and we humans consume the cow.

Humans think we are on the top of the food chain, but we are not. We grow vegetables, collect eggs, milk cows, slaughter other animals.

But humans also generate etheric energy in the form of emotions, thoughts and consciousness. Because of our human experience, we have created a lot of painful or negative energy. It wasn’t intentional, it was just the nature of life in a 3D world as we descended into the dark ages. Our suffering and victim consciousness created a collective energetic “being” in a 4D construct, that feeds off of human misery. A parasite, if you will. As with all beings, it wants to live, grow and reproduce. It experiments and discovers ways to contrive circumstances that keep us in suffering and victimhood so it can continue to feed off us.

Just like we eat cows, the Flyers have learned they can consume us by eating our strong emotions by creating frightful situations. They spread from one human to another via thoughts and emotions. Their greatest tactic is the use of fear to divide and conquer. Our cages being our sense of separation and powerlessness.

Now, here we are moving back into the light and many are puzzled over why the dark side is not giving up. They don’t understand that all beings want to live and this is a fight for survival. But as the light increases, those who are waking up are beginning to understand the concept of “We are all ONE” and multi-dimensionality of our very existence. Before we can enter 5D, we must first master 4D which means mastering our thoughts and feelings. As we clear away our fears and are less manipulated by the Matrix, it becomes easier for us to set our intention, choose our thoughts and emotions. As our consciousness rises, we stop feeding the Flyers. In response, they do escalate their tactics on us by instilling even more fear.

Anyone who’s tried to go on a fast knows that the first couple of days is the hardest. Like breaking any addiction, there is a heavy gravitational pull within which it is difficult to escape from.

As long as we are overworked, overstressed, eating processed food, watching tv, watching the news, twittering, thinking negative thoughts, feeling powerless, it is difficult to starve the Flyers long enough to break out of its clutches. We may practice meditation and feel good but then when we read the news we feel hopeless again. We walk the tightrope between taking good care of ourselves and taking responsibility for the world and often lose our balance and perspective.

But if we can be mindful long enough to love our feelings and stop the negative thoughts, we will starve out our personal parasites. It’s not enough to stop the global insanity because the unawakened are still feeding the collective parasite, but at least we are doing our part by holding the light. If we set our intention to be kind to ourselves, it allows our basic nature of goodness to come through. Instead of feeding the Flyers a diet of misery (energetic junk food), we feed them kindness and love. Given enough time, more Archonic forces will develop a taste for the good feelings (energetic health food) and begin to support situations that create more loving, peaceful situations.

We just need to apply an awful lot of patience and persistence because the negative forces are feeding off of the collective and we won’t see the external shift until enough humans have raised their consciousness so we can opt out of this insanity. Our 4D versions of us evolves along with us.

I think it is important for everyone to recognize their personal power and responsibility to master their own consciousness. Portraying the Flyers as foreign parasites that are controlling us isn’t going to fix it.
Implying that we need to wait for the help from ETs isn’t empowering either.

If we understand that the parasites are being fed by our thoughts and feelings, that they are the collective 4D version of us, it motivates us to be more conscious of our thoughts and feelings. Choosing to believe in ourselves, taking good care of ourselves, grounding into the earth, taking action to create in a playful way, building connections with other caring people, these are all steps in the right direction.

A lot of what i just wrote may be new information to some readers, but seers of energy have known about this other worldly phenonema for centuries. I will be adding more on this topic soon. Thanks for reading and don’t feed the parasite.



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