My journey with Mother Earth

mother earthYears ago i did a journey for myself to reconnect me with Gaia. I went into my usual place(in my mind) that i always go to enter the earth, a small shallow cave that i found when i was living in the Pecos wilderness.

My cave is a real place in this dimension, but, for the sake of the process, it does not necessarily
have to be a real place. It can be imaginary or some location you remember that you have a connection with on this plane.

From this cave i see myself entering the earth, like i am diving into it. At this point i call to my power animal who comes and takes me thru a tunnel to the other realms.

In this journey the red tailed hawk came and literally picked me up by the shoulders and flew me quickly via the tunnel into a very unusual place, similar to the illustration i attached here. We flew over this sensuous
landscape and the hawk gently plunked me down on a soft spot that
was like a feminine belly. I was small in comparison to this landscape. I started to slide downhill into what appeared to be a large depression in the landscape, resembling a navel. It was definately an innie as compared to an outie. I came to rest in this fold of earthly skin.

I looked up and saw the bird land on a point of the landscape just above me. It took it’s beak and pecked at the ground (belly) and a drop of red liquid flowed out and rolled downhill into my nest in the navel. The red liquid was only a drop but it was enough for me to swim in.

Then i looked up and saw a mound that appeared like a nipple and one drop of white liquid came out of it and cascaded downhill toward me in the navel.

It bathed me in it’s energy and mixed with the red liquid and then the process felt complete. I felt rejuveniated.

Later i was to learn of the alchemical symbolism in this journey. The light of the red sexual feminine energies and the white light of the masculine energies are mixed in the area below the navel. This is done in a meditation called the circle of light meditation in Alchemical practices.

More on this subject in a future blog. Bright Blessings, Crazywolf


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