The Polka

polkaSeveral years ago my wife and i suspected our fathers would have enjoyed each others company if they had known each
other in this life. We occasionally would get a feeling that they would get together and sensed it when they would come visit us.

I decided to do a journey to the spirit world to visit them and see how they were doing.

My father had visited me several times mostly in the hypnogogic state
(that space between waking and sleep). I had never contacted my wife’s father and did not know him in this life, as he had passed when she was in her teens.

When i found them in the spirit world they were both busy at work in
a workshop with floor to ceiling windows each working on seperate projects.

My wife’s father was engaged in building a kind of wooden sculpture
with a luminesscent wood that can only be described as other worldly.

My dad was working on a beautiful old car, always his passion, which i was glad to find him still vibrantly active in this persuit.

As i continued to watch them work a sense of joy and peace flooded over me. When they noticed me they became excited and started to do this strange dance around the workshop. They were actually acting kind of crazy which i found very humorous. My father had always had a great sense of humor and i have memories of times when we would laugh so hard with those deep belly laughs that we would be crying.
We could not stop laughing for half an hour or more sometimes.

When i came back and shared my experience with my wife, i said, “And yeah they were doing a wierd dance kind of like the Polka.” She said ” Oh,my god, you didn,t know this but my dad died doing the polka at a wedding celebration”


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