A thousand petal lotus

THOUSAND PETALED LOTUS_001Anna died on christmas day last week. I was asked by her dear friend( I will call her Mattie for sake of anominity)to do a journey to find out how she is doing. This is what
came through.

When i came into the spirit realm i was drifting over a dry shallow
wash, like you would find in most desert locations. It was dusk and i looked down and saw a older woman scurrying along the sandy wash.

She was draped in a gray indian blanket and clutching a string of coral colored prayer beads in her left hand. She cocked her head sidways and gazed up at me in acknowledgement of my presence as she moved along in a sort of labored fashion. I followed her and after awhile we came upon a cave. We went in and i could see a light in the recesses of the cave that seemed to be guiding her. We came to an open area, like a large underground cathereral. There were stairs spirialing up the rock walls leading to a circular opening in a domned ceiling. As we climbed the stairs and reached the top a
giant white Lotus appeared in the opening at the top of the dome.

The woman then entered the stem of the flower and crawled up and came out amoung thousands of white and multicolored petals. Suddenly we were on a shore of a peaceful lake. It was night and there were candles set up along the lake shore. She started to light the candles one by one. When the candles were all lit she bent down and scouped up a double handful of water and flung it into the air. The water turned into white doves that flew off. Someone threw a basketball into the water and she picked it up and gingerly flung a hook shot, as i looked over it swished through a hoop that appeared to the left of her.

Then she removed her gray blanket and exposed a white robe underneath it, which she also shed. She proceeded to wade out into the lake and swam to the opposite shore and stood under a gentle waterfall and let the water cascade down over her head as she remained submerged in the water of the lake. She was in the process of being rejuvenated by the energies of the spiritual waters

As i watched all this, the night shifted to day and a rainbow light
fell upon the water and streamed across her face. Then she said,
“My life was a study in grays right down to the cat”. And she smiled basking in the wonderous array of colors of her new world.

This journey is so rich in symbolism, that i don’t know where to start talking about the information that came thru for Mattie about her friend. One thing about Anna that was later revealed to me was that she was nearly blind the the last 10 years of her life hence the comment she made about her life being a study in grays. It also turned out she had a beloved gray tabby cat who had pass on just before her.

Mattie told me that Anna used to travel a lot and used to stop and swim in lakes in the nude. May this beloved soul be at peace in our creators arms. Much thanks and love to my spirit guides for facilatating this connection.

Love, Crazywolf


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One Response to A thousand petal lotus

  1. madir says:

    Everything about this is so ‘Anna’….the Indian blanket, the terrain, the white robe, the lotus flower, and most especially what she says about the study in grays and her tabby cat. Completely affirming to me that she is in a wonderful place. (not sure where the basketball reference comes from but someone who knew her would surely know). Wonderful and thank you Crazy Wolf and spirit guides.

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