Update from Oracle report

full-moonWe’re still in the Full Moon phase and wisdom is streaming all around us. What needs to come into balance for you? The Sun, which has been very quiet for some time, made the conjunction with Pluto this weekend and brought out heavy-duty emotional purging. Things came up from the deep! The energy will calm down as the Sun progressively moves off Pluto. The theme of “home” and what home means to us is strong today. Fears about home (keeping a home, maintaining a home, etc) are also present. We are naturally focused on our immediate physical circumstances, but there is something greater involved here. In truth, we are all home because the planet, Gaia-Sophia, is our home. I talk about this all the time, but we are engaged in a process of remembering and integrating the true story of our origins and we need to be reminded (a lot) that we are fully supported at all times. We’re “glowing home” – radiating the frequency that is in resonance with the planet and her vision. If you are struggling with issues at home or with home, shift your perspective downward – toward the planet.

I will be recording a New Year’s message later today so be on the lookout for that.


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