What is a Shaman

napaliA shaman simply stated is one who sees in the dark. Shamanism has come to be equated with magic and supernatural skills. And although
there is some truth in this perception, it does not in practice encompass a lot of the fantasmagoric imagery presented to the public
in the Movies.
Shamans do however gain access to other worlds that are refered to as the upper and the lower worlds. These realms of
Spirit are where our souls reside when not in the physical body. Everyone returns to this vast sea of life when asleep, temporarily. Dreams are fragements of experiences we have when part of our soul leaves the
body in the sleep state. Death is when the soul completely abandons
the body.
For the shamanic journeyer it is impossible to predict where in the spirit world one will find themselves when embarking on the quest for
information. The journey is always done with the intention of seeking answers to questions. The question can be as simple as, “what is causing my anxiety” or “my mother died recently, can you tell me how she is ?”
This last question was the focus of the very first shamanic journey i
did for a lady almost 17 years ago.
I had on idea what i was doing or how I, for that matter, could begin to find out how her mother was. All i knew about the woman was her name, i had no other information to go on. I lay down and went into the process,
which i will describe in detail in a later blog.
When i came out of the tunnel into another realm, i found myself on a steep tropical trail much like the Napali Coast trail on Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. As i began to climb thru the rocks and rivlets,
i came to a crystal clear pool at the base of a huge rock outcropping. I stopped to rest and noticed there were dozens of house cats nestled in the rock ledges and underbrush.
I looked up and saw two people standing on the big rock. They were an
older couple with beautiful white hair and were dressed like Tarzan and Jane. As our eyes met we had a telephatic conversation that seemed to last an eternity in just an instant..I knew then what to
tell my friend when i returned. I caught a reflection come from the
left hand of the woman and noticed it was a huge aquamarine ring. Just then the couple took each other by the hand and lept into the
air and flew off over the ocean.
When i returned i reported my findings to my friend and told her about the man with her mother. She said my description sounded like her
father and she was releaved that they were together and happy. I mentioned the numerous cats and she confirmed that her mother loved cats and always had a lot of them around.
Then i ask her if her mother had an aquamarine ring. She said “No but she always wanted one”. I said, “Well she has one now”. She welled up in tears and thanked me for doing the journey.

This is just one of many examples of life affirming situations
that can be accessed thru the shamanic journey.
I will be blogging more on this subject soon.
Bright Blessings, Crazywolf


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3 Responses to What is a Shaman

  1. Thank you for the vivid description of your first shamanic journey. I have had many soul travel experiences to the World of Spirit…would you say that this is comparable to, or the same as shamanic journeying?

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